Training Rides for 2016

Monday nights will be our team’s recovery ride beginning at Harmodon Park around 6:00 pm.  The ride will be quicker than a casual ride around the bike path, but it will be a no drop, slower ride focused on teaching group riding basics, and other general cycling strategy.


The Tuesday night ride are a competitive drop ride.  Expect:

  • Fast Intervals
    • Simulated Race
    • Fast Tempo
    o Starting date March 31st.
    o When: Tuesday Evenings.
    o Where: Crooks, SD – Meet at the Crooks Community Center, 701 S West Ave, Crooks, SD
    o Time: 6:00 pm early season / 6:15 pm later season
    o Route: Into the wind, tailwind home. (40-60miles)
    o Groups: Multiple Groups will be formed to match desired skill development.
    Attitude: Higher intensity training with several race specific applications.  Race training pace simulating race speed and intensity.  Riders will be aggressive, with many opportunities to pull, attack and sprint.  We will average anywhere from 21-25 mph for the ride.


The 2nd and 5th Tuesday will be in Crooks.  The 3rd Tuesday will be at Harmodon.  The 4th Tuesday will be at Canton.  The start will be around 6:15 early season and 6:30 later in the season.


For the Thursday ride, the 1st Thursday of the month will be a TT ride starting in Crooks.  We will have a course around 15 to 20 miles.  We hope to find tri athletes and others who aren’t interested in riding in a group ride.  Timing will probably be on the honor system.  All other Thursday rides will be hill repeats.


The rest of the Thursday rides will be tougher training rides.  Expect:
• Crit Course Practice
• Hill Repeats/Intervals
• Monthly Time Trail Series
o When: Thursday Evenings.
o Where: O’ Gorman High school Parking Lot near football field.
o Time: 6:00 pm
o Route: Determined by group.  Usually several different hills in area or Yankton Trails Crit Course.
o Groups: Hill repeats as fast as you can crit course may breakup into several groups.
Attitude: Higher intensity training with some recovery between intervals.


Dean will leading a gravel ride each Saturday morning leaving form his house.  The only exceptions will be if it is raining or he is out of town.  The start time will probably be about 8:30.  It may start earlier later in the summer as it warms up (Watch the calendar for details).  The ride will be around 50 miles early in the season.  It will lengthen to around 70 or 80 in preparation for Almanzo.  The pace will be consistent – hopefully averaging around 17 mph.  This is considered a training ride for longer distance gravel riders.  If the pace is too high, groups could break off and do a shorter loop.

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